A-TECH Smart Cloud

Take Your Building Automation To The Next Level!


A-TECH Smart Cloud brings to you the next-gen DDC control which provides better management and control over your building systems, increasing efficiency and energy savings while reducing carbon footprint and improving occupant comfort.


A-TECH Advantage:

  • Seamless integration with conventional controls like Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens, etc
  • Upgrading buildings so that they are compatible with updated software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Meaningful data & insights
  • Full remote support
  • Fault detection
  • Integrated alert system
  • IAQ monitoring and optimization
  • And much more





Old DDC Control Conventional DDC Control


AI Preemptive DDC Control


Next Generation DDC Control


   Incompatible building system


     Limited processing power


 Cloud based processing power


    Full remote support


  Limited energy saving      programs


  Reactive PID loops


    Preemptive control       based


   Fault detection system


  Standalone System


  Often not serviced regularly


   24/7 AI monitoring   team


  Integrated alert system


  Not serviced regularly


  No data steam outside building


  API data steams


   Historian Database


   Lack of data


  Needs RCx periodically


  Continuously learns        and optimizes control





Limited energy saving programs


AI algorithms designed to save energy

     Data Intelligence


   Point names not standardized


  Haystack data tagging    standard


    Data Integration


No BACnet


   APP Connectivity


   Limited Supervisory


    Alarm Notification


   JACE licensing Issue


      User Interface


             IAQ                   monitoring/optimization



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