Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Breathe easy, stay healthy and increase occupant comfort

Indoor air quality is of great concern especially in today’s reality with the outbreak of COVID-19. Improved indoor air quality plays an important role in several ways to help you achieve your business goals by boosting employee productivity and morale, as well as contributing to building sustainability. 

Once your air system is monitored, data is collected over time to identify gaps in the HVAC mechanical performance. With in-house capabilities and our trusted partners we are able to provide a new revolutionary technology to disinfect the HVAC system and restore its lost efficiency while neutralizing airborne particles. The process will increase the system efficiency, enhance the indoor air quality, save energy and extend the lifespan of the system. 

Our indoor air quality monitoring provides comprehensive data analysis for your building’s indoor air quality to ensure it is safe and healthy indoors. We are able to provide alerts on high CO2 based on the occupancy and advise building operations to increase fresh air to the building.